nes - 2006-02-21 14:32:30
I am the same as you. If I like someone I tell them. I don't like playing games because all you end up doing is wasting time (IMHO). Men are confusing. I am having trouble understanding the one I love, so I am not one to give advice.
Bill - 2006-02-21 23:04:19
People are confusing - it's not just men... You've got to be you. That's what will make the 'right' relationship so perfect - you can be who you are and THAT is what makes it great. Hang in there.
G - 2006-02-22 01:53:44
We can have a dialogue on this subject via email if you'd like. As for my entry I wasn't pointing to you bcause your computer was out, as that was not at all what it was about in any way whatsoever.

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